Free shipping on orders over $105 AUD with products available in AU warehouse

Free shipping on orders over $105 AUD with products available in AU warehouse

Art for Earth, with a Sustainable Heart

Happy Earth Day friends! It's Ohuhu here reminding you that every day is a good day to stay creative and care for our planet.🌍

Did you know we've been busy bees making our products more sustainable? One of our biggest goals was to make markers more reusable - say hello to our refillable ink bottles ! Pop the ink into your dry markers. No waste! We've also come out with nib replacements , and individual markers so you can reuse what you've got instead of buying a whole new set. Our natural bamboo organizer are oh-so-stylish too!

What's more, we're especially excited about introducing you our new achievement-bleedproof marker pads! It is FSC-certified with fibers are responsibly sourced from managed forests. Best of all, you can use both sides! Double the creativity for Mama Earth! 👍

When customer items are returned to us, we're committed to finding them new homes where possible instead of disposal! We're donating returned supplies for arts education programs to give markers a second life teaching future artists. No sense chucking perfectly good supplies, right? 

As a nature-loving brand, preserving this beautiful blue planet is our mission. Ohuhu will keep reducing our footprint however we can. Why not join in - donate your retired goods to your local communities or choose sustainable products? Every little bit helps our mother nature.🌳

Have fun branching out with earth-friendly art this Earth Day! Let's get creative together while caring for our precious planet.

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