Free shipping on orders over $105 AUD with products available in AU warehouse

Free shipping on orders over $105 AUD with products available in AU warehouse

Cultivating Wellness Through Creativity With Ohuhu🎨

More people are feeling anxious and distressed lately. According to the CDC, about 10% more Americans now have anxiety problems compared to before the virus. At Ohuhu, our goal has always been to make art fun and help people feel better through creativity. In these tough times, we want to help with mental health however we can.

Our slogan-Draw, Feel, Empower-says art can give you inner strength. Making art can help you relax and stop worrying for a while. Coloring is very calming. On Instagram, #coloringtherapy shows how popular it is. People post over 460,000 pictures of coloring. Our Honolulu B series are ideally suited for immersive coloring experiences, handling fine details yet smoothly blocking in large areas.

Drawing can also help you feel better over time. You can show your feelings by drawing lines, shapes and colors in a sketchbook without training. This may help you understand and feel less stress. Or you can see an art therapist for more support. 
We want everyone to have a chance to feel better through art. We give supplies to The Art Therapy Project so they can help more people in need through creative activities. By working with groups like them, we hope more individuals get the mental benefits of art.

Ohuhu is committed to empowering all people through creativity. Through arts activities and donations, we want to share hope, healing and strength.💚

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