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How To Draw Santa Claus

Christmas Draw & Color Tutorial

1.Preparation – Before you start coloring

Before diving into the creative process, make sure to prepare by swatching all your markers. Sorting your markers will enhance your efficiency. Swatching involves testing your markers on a separate sheet of paper, preferably the same type you'll use for your illustration. This color chart will serve as a quick reference for your existing markers, helping you pick colors faster. Owning a Color Swatch has additional benefits:

  • Accurate color selection based on the ink's actual color, not the cap color.
  • Assurance that the dried color matches your selection.

Ohuhu provides individual color swatch cards with every set of alcohol-based markers, so take advantage of them!


2.Choose a Color

For Santa's colors, try various combinations before settling on the final choice. Here's the selected color combination from Ohuhu Honolulu 168-color double-ended Alcohol Art Marker set: R2,R8, G2, CGII00,B2,BR2, E090, R120, R19, CG2, G7, 0, R4. Note: In the Christmas theme, red and green dominate, but feel free to choose slightly less saturated alternatives if needed.

3.Coloring step

Follow these steps to bring Santa to life:

  • Color Santa's Hat and Suit with R2 Red.

  • Use R8 for his shoes and BR2 for girdle.

  • Color Santa's Backpack with G2.

  • Paint Santa's Skirt with CG110.

  • Give Santa's Skin a warm tone with E090.


Now, let's add richness to the artwork:

  • Make Santa Cute by adding Blush with R120.

  • Use R19 for shadows on the face, enhancing dimension.


  • Deepen the white parts with CG2 to simulate thicker snow.


  • Paint the gifts a deeper green with G7.

  • Use color 0 as a smudge pen for a natural and polished look.

Finish off the details:

  • Deepen the layers of the red dress with color R4.
  • Ohuhu's highlighter provides a final touch, adding atmosphere to the image.
  • Customize the presents and the Christmas tree with your favorite colors, prioritizing warm tones for a cleaner look.

Now, you're ready to draw your own Santa Claus!


Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with joy and creativity! 

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