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Ohuhu Markers Gift Box Set Review

Author: DonCorgi
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We got the chance to look into the Ohuhu Gift Box Set. This is a huge pack that brings everything you need to draw with markers.

Inside this box, you’ll find 72 Ohuhu Alcohol Markers, a pack of fine-liner drawing pens, a paper pad, and other fun goodies.

Either for you or to offer, is this the Gift Box for you? Continue reading to learn more about it and decide if you should get it or not! 

-> 🎁 Gift Box Set on the Ohuhu Store

What’s Included In The Ohuhu Markers Gift Box Set?

The Ohuhu Markers Gift Box Set is a very complete package that comes with every tool you need to start drawing with markers.

Since it’s a gift box, it comes with even some extra items to make the package even more fun, charming, and easy to gift to someone.

Check out the video below for an in-depth review!


Inside it, you’ll find:

  • 1 Gift Case: this case contains all the Ohuhu Gift Box items, very well organized;
  • 1 Gift Paper Bag: so you can use wrap up the gift box, or, alternatively, you can arrange all the items inside this bag and then offer it;
  • 1 File Folder: a neat, white folder that contains some sticker sheets along with coloring pages to color using your new markers;
  • Sticker Sheets: Inside the file folder, you’ll find a good number of sticker sheets designed by different artists, all of them properly credited;
  • 16 Coloring Sheets: different illustrations that you can color using the Ohuhu markers;
  • 1 Marker Pad: a spiral pad with 60 sheets where you can create your own illustrations using your new markers and fine liners;
  • 8 Fineliners: a pack of 8 fine liner drawing pens with different tip sizes and styles;
  • 72 Alcohol Markers: a big and beautiful pouch filled with 72 alcohol markers, including a colorless blender;
  • 2 Swatch Cards: so you can swatch every single marker, so you can easily check the colors you have and which to use.
As you can see, this is a very complete package. When buying it, you’ll get everything needed to start drawing with markers.

This is a great product if you or the person you wish to gift it to wants to get serious with traditional art, particularly drawing using alcohol markers!

It’s a fun, beautiful, and useful gift box, with even some extra items, such as stickers and coloring sheets, to test the new markers before creating your own works.

I’ve create a short video of the unboxing of the Ohuhu Markers Gift Box Set, check it out below!

– The 72 Ohuhu Honolulu Color Alcohol Markers

The Ohuhu Gift Box comes with a white pouch filled with 72 Honolulu Markers.

Each marker has two different tips you can use: Brush and Chisel.

Personally, this is my favorite combo since it offers a nice variety of brush widths as you paint and color!

With the brush, you can control how wide each stroke is, while the chisel tip can be used to color big areas or even to draw straight lines more easily.

As mentioned, these are Alcohol Markers, which makes them easier to blend with each other, especially when using the colorless blender.

Although generally more expensive, alcohol markers tend to be easier to manage and use due to how well and easily they blend.

As you paint over other colors, it won’t create a smudged look or even tear the paper easily, as opposed to water-based markers.

They also dry faster, almost instantly, making it hard to smudge your artwork accidentally!

Although the case already holds all the markers, you can keep other items inside of it, such as the fine liner drawing pens. 

This way, everything can stay in one place, easy to find, whenever you need them!

Inside the pouch, you’ll also find a few extra items: a small guide on different Ohuhu markers series, including the Honolulu set that you’ll receive, 2 Swatch Cards, and a soft plastic sheet to prevent the markers from bleeding through paper.

When painting with markers, it’s a good idea to use thick paper. About 200 gsm or above should be good enough.

But even then, it can be a good idea always to use the plastic sheet to avoid accidents as you draw. This way, if the color ever bleeds through the paper, the surface you’re drawing on is always safe!

As for the swatch cards, they’re organized by color name, with several squares so that you can fill each color accordingly.

Many artists rather swatch their markers on their own sketchbooks or the paper they usually use.

But I think it’s always a good exercise to test all the colors using the swatch cards.

This way, you can get slowly familiar with the markers but also learn all the colors available to draw!

Not only that, you can keep these cards inside the pouch, so you can check them every time you paint something new.

In the beginning, it’s hard to remember or be certain of every color you have to use.

So, to make it easier, before drawing something, it’s good to choose the palette first by using the swatch cards as a reference!

Then, find the right color code, shown on the cap of each marker, and start drawing/coloring.

Overall, the 72 markers give you a big range of colors. However, there are not a lot of pastel tones.

It is possible to create some pastel color palettes, but it is quite limited as well.

Usually, for beginners, I recommend starting a painting with markers using pastel tones since these are easier to combine.

As you get more familiar with markers, you can then start using bolder color palettes.

For that reason, I think this gift box fits better for someone who’s somewhat familiar with coloring markers but is in need of an upgrade!

If you’re someone who prefers to work with soft, pastel palettes, Ohuhu offers other interesting sets, such as the Ohuhu Honolulu 48 Pastel Colors or even the 96 Pastel Colors Set.

Of all the markers I’ve tried so far, Ohuhu has been my favorite brand.

They’re easy to use, very beautiful, vibrant colors, and quite affordable while keeping high quality in their products!

-The 8 Ohuhu Fine Liner Drawing Pens

Inside the Gift Box, you’ll also find a pack with 8 Fine Liner Drawing Pens.

When drawing with markers or even other mediums on paper, chances are fine liner pens will be useful and maybe even a must!

These can be used by themselves to create beautiful, black-and-white ink drawings.

Or, in this case, it can be used to draw the line art of an illustration that is meant to be colored with markers!

As you start, it’s good to try different fine liners with different tips and widths until you learn what your favorites are to use and draw.

For example, many artists like to have a good range of tip sizes so that they can draw different lines with different weights between them.

While others find the one they like and use only one type of fine liner.

Personally, I like to use something between 0.3 and 0.5. Nothing too thick, but also thin enough to appear soft among the other elements.

In this package, you’ll find 8 pens, ranging between 0.01 and 1, plus a brush tip.

This way, you can experiment with different fine liners and create elaborate artwork with different weighted lines!

As you learn what you like to use, then you can focus on only the fine liners you like the most and buy new ones whenever they run out.

This kind of pen does run out very quickly, so it’s a good idea to experiment first with a starter pack like this one.

Later, when you’re more experienced and are certain of what fine liners you rather use, you can buy them individually instead of in packs!

I was unaware that Ohuhu had their own sets of fine liners, so I was very excited about trying these out, and I’m rather pleased with them.

They’re comfortable to use, the black ink is very solid and opaque, and it comes with enough fine liners to experiment and learn with!

This fine liners pack is very beginner friendly since it allows you to try different sizes and even a brush pen, so you can learn what and how you like to work when drawing line art traditionally.

Spiral-Bound Marker Sketchbook

Inside the Ohuhu Gift Box, you’ll also find a neat paper pad to use with your new markers.

This paper pad is spiral-bound and acid-free, and each piece of paper can be easily detached from the pad!

The paper itself is quite thick so that the ink won’t bleed into other pages. More specifically, it’s 200gsm and measures 225x210mm (8.9″x8.3″), giving the pad a squared format.

Overall, the pad comes with 60 sheets of paper that can fit many artworks.

Spiral Bound Marker Pad

I’m really pleased with the marker pad so far since it’s the kind of format I enjoy drawing on the most. Not only that, but the thickness of the paper allows me to experiment with other mediums as well.

Other than markers, you can also use gouache or acrylic paint with it. I wouldn’t recommend using watercolors with this paper since it has a very smooth surface, and watercolors work better with textured paper.

As you draw on this pad, the ink from the markers does bleed slightly to the back of the page. If you turn the page, you’ll be able to see the colors appearing on the back.

For that reason, unless you’re just sketching, you can’t create two artworks on each page. This is generally quite normal with marker paper.

However, so far, the ink won’t bleed enough to reach the next sheet of paper! 

Inside the pad, you can also find another soft plastic sheet, the same size as the paper sheets, that you can use as you draw to be sure no ink bleeds through the pages.

I’ve tested drawing with and without this sheet, and both the plastic sheet and the next page have been safe from bleeding ink and kept very clean!

Overall I’m very pleased with this marker pad, and it’s a great addition to the box, so you can start drawing right away!

If it’s a product you end up liking, you can buy more through Ohuhu’s website.

– The Sticker Sheets And Coloring Pages File Folder

Along with everything else, the Ohuhu Gift Box also comes with a nice bonus of several sticker sheets as well as 16 Coloring Pages to use as you wish.

All of these come very well packed, inside a lovely file folder, which is always a useful item to have, to keep sheets of paper or collect stickers!

Several artists have created each sticker sheet, and most feature the Ohuhu Character and its different interpretations. All sticker sheets come with the artist’s name, so it’s a nice way to discover new artists.

As for the coloring pages, I also find it’s a great addition to this gift box since it’s a good way to start using your new markers.

If you’re not too experienced with drawing with markers, it can feel a bit overwhelming to create something from the ground up right away.

You’re not only learning how to use markers but also inking with fine-liner pens. You’d be learning two mediums at the same time, and that can be too much. 

So, instead, you can pick from different coloring pages and color them using the markers only.

Start with small color palettes at first, and as you learn and get more comfortable with the Ohuhu markers, you can start using more complex color palettes.

Then, once you feel ready and more confident, it’s time to start creating your own drawings and coloring them!

Coloring pages are also a relaxing activity, so it can be something you do to wind down at the end of the day or even when you’re feeling creative but don’t have the time or don’t want to draw something from scratch.

There are several beautiful designs to choose from. Choose what looks the most interesting, pick a few markers, and have fun!

Who Would Enjoy This Box Set As A Gift?

This is a great gift box, and it comes with everything you need to get into marker art.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it to total beginners since it can feel too overwhelming or even too expensive for someone who’s just testing the waters of marker art.

Personally, I think this is a great fit for an artist who’s dabbled with markers before but is looking for an upgrade and to take this medium more seriously!

When starting using markers, it’s good to start small and possibly even with cheaper products. This way, if it’s not the right medium for you, you won’t worry too much about money spent, nor will those tools take up too much space within your art supplies.

If, instead, you find out that markers are a medium you really enjoy and want to do more of it, then this can be a good upgrade for you.

The same goes if you’re someone who’s looking to gift this box to an artist: if you know this is a medium they enjoy and want to keep on using it and even asked for something similar, then this gift box would be a huge and wonderful surprise!

I also think that this could be a good fit for someone that enjoys journaling and takes it very seriously.

Nowadays, many people get into journaling not only to record their days, thoughts, and experiences but also to have somewhere to explore their creativity!

The markers and the fine liner pens are great for decorating the pages, for example. But the marker pad can also be used as a journal, and even the stickers and coloring pages can be used as decoration elements.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

So, is the Ohuhu Markers Gift Box Set worth the money?

Personally, I think it really depends on who you’re gifting it to or what you own so far.

As mentioned before, I think this is a great gift box if you’re someone who dabbled with markers and wants to take it more seriously.

For example, if you’ve tried markers before but they’re of low quality, as well as the paper you’re using, then this box might be a good option if you’re looking to buy every tool needed to draw with markers.

It’s a good upgrade, affordable, and of great quality!

If you like the items inside this box, then you can continue buying them in the future when needed!

Although I wouldn’t recommend it for complete beginners, it is still a good gift if you want to offer quality products and want to see a future artist shine with happiness with so many great goodies.

On the other hand, if the person in question already has most of these tools, such as paper pads or even fine liners, then it’s preferable to buy whatever they need separately.

Getting the gift box or the items separately costs almost the same.

Not only that, but the marker set is very specific. If you want other colors or marker sets, then you can go through Ohuhu’s website and find the exact set you want with the tip combo you prefer.

In short, this gift box is worth it if you need all the components inside of it and are looking for a good quality upgrade.

If not, then it’s better to search for the markers or fine liners you want separately since that way, you’ll have more options to choose from that might fit better what you’re looking for.

Grab the Ohuhu Markers Gift Box Set below.

-> 🎁 Gift Box Set on the Ohuhu Store

And have fun with all these amazing supplies.

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