Free shipping on orders over $105 AUD with products available in AU warehouse

Free shipping on orders over $105 AUD with products available in AU warehouse

Ohuhu Bamboo Marker Organizer

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Standard size capacity up to 126 markers

High-rise size capacity up to 224 markers

100% natural bamboo organizer

No assembly required

Nice Classroom & Office Decoration

Less Mess, More Space


No Assembly Required

Strong durable. Use the 18 independent compartments to keep things organized, in place and restore the needed order into your life

Less Mess, More Space

Stop scattering your markers on the desk! With eight compartments on the holder, nothing is easier than organizing your markers, pens, colored pencils, art brushes, etc. For ultimate organization, you can classify each kind of drawing tool into a single compartment. Finally, everything has fallen into place

Premium Natural Bamboo

Corrosion proof and exquisitely crafted, Ohuhu Bamboo Marker Organizer is manufactured from natural and sustainable bamboo which is safe, non-toxic and easy to clean---you can be confident it's built to last

Jumbo Storage Capacity

Measured 9.36x8.74 inches, this marker holder comes with 18 large storage compartments, enabling you to put away 126 alcohol markers in a horizontal way. A perfect solution to prolong markers' service life while keeping them organized and clean



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