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Free shipping on orders over $105 AUD with products available in AU warehouse

Ohuhu Honolulu Colorless Blender Marker - Pack of 6

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Brush & Chisel, pack of 6

Blend from any color to white

Clean up edges & mistakes

Add highlights, patterns & textures

Alcohol-based ink, dries instantly


Ohuhu Honolulu Colorless Blender Marker - Pack of 6

Brush & Chisel, Pack Of 6

Discover the perfect tool for creating beautiful artwork. This pack of 6 colorless blender pens features 2 tips to give you the ultimate control. The brush tip is perfect for blending colors, adding highlights, and patterns & textures. The chisel tip is great for pre-soaking paper to fade the color or creating thick straight lines. Be fearless in your creations!

Blend From Any Color To White

Create a look more unique than ever before! This product offers you the ability to create a seamless blend of color and white with a clear blender, for a truly eye-catching look. Pre-wetting the area to be colored and creating a gradient ombre blend brings your style to a new level of sophistication. Unleash your artistry with this must-have product!

Clean Up Edges & Mistakes

Discover effortless creativity with the Colorless Blender! Our revolutionary product can be used to erase any mistake - simply color over the mistake and watch it disappear! This hassle-free solution ensures a smooth, seamless transition - so you can create with confidence! Try it today!

Add Highlights, Patterns & Textures

Craft remarkable designs with the Ohuhu Colorless Blender! Achieve endless creative possibilities with this exclusive tool, allowing you to draw patterns, designs, and textures over dry ink for a unique effect, or lift out bright highlights on dry ink or create soft highlights on wet ink for subtle, sophisticated results. Unleash your artistic vision and make your mark with Ohuhu Colorless Blender!



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