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Free shipping on orders over $105 AUD with products available in AU warehouse

Ohuhu Maui 36 Skin Tone Colors Dual Tips Water Based Art Markers, Brush & Fineliner

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36 vibrant colors with color code

Non-toxic water-based ink

Brush & fine, double tips, double fun

Great gift, organized fun

Non-bleeding ink, perfect for coloring books & journaling


What makes Ohuhu Markers so different?

Dual Tips

Ohuhu markers for adult coloring books are a must-have for your next masterpiece. The 0.4mm fine tip can glide through the details for intricate coloring, writing, and doodling with fluid precision while the 1-2mm soft brush tip flows through the large area art projects for shading, coloring, blending and more.What's more, the fine tip is perfect for take note & coloring in details while the brush tip is easier to create various marks which is perfect for calligraphy and creating interesting pattern to design your journal

Non-Toxic Water-Based Ink

The highly pigmented acid-free allows your artwork to last against fading. It's also a huge plus that the ink is non-toxic and water-based, which is 100% safe for both you and your kids

Non-Bleeding Ink, Perfect For Coloring Books & Journaling

The real benefit of these art markers for adults is that you do not have to worry about the bleeding-through problem or your paper is too thin to hold the ink. It won't bleed beyond the line or destroy the next pages. Just use the pens to color your coloring book and design your journals and planner

Quick Swatch Colors Included

This marker set comes with a color card with pre-printed color numbers and color names, so you can quickly swatch the colors of this set.

Color-Coded Pens And Caps

Stay organized and keep your creative flow going thanks to each cap being marked with its color and corresponding number color.



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